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Wed Oct 24 2018

All Blown Up Balloon Creations is proud to announce that we are adding backdrop draping and fabric canopies to its many elegant and affordable elements of décor.

Draping backdrops and canopies are a great way to elevate the atmosphere of any event, celebration, or ceremony. 

We give you the option of choosing your own components  and we build the set-up of your dreams.  From the height, to the overall size of the backdrop or canopy, to the draping elements used, you’re never locked-in to having just one or two options.  So go tall, go wide, use a different fabric for the drapes – it’s YOUR event…make it your own! 

Change up your drapes. Layer your fabric. Add balloons, flowers, and a variety of other decorating elements. We include bows, broaches or tiebacks in a different color for a pop of contrast. There are endless possibilities for creating unique backdrops and canopies, especially with you in mind! 

By using backdrops and canopies, you can mix things up however you want, whenever you want. If you’re looking for an easy, affordable, and totally customizable décor, backdrop draping and canopies meet all three criteria, and helps make your event all the more spectacular and romantic.

So if you’re looking at a list of “must haves” that keeps growing, we hope that you’ll keep us in mind to help cross off one of them. And of course, if you have any questions” about incorporating the perfect backdrop or canopy into your event decor, we’re happy to help!

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